Every business today has to use email to some extent. Unfortunately email is the weak link in the security of every business. Every day there are malicious actors out there trying to steal your login credentials, or infect your computer with malware. One solution is to train yourself to spot these emails, but some of these emails are quite convincing, and takes a highly trained eye to catch them. No matter the size of your company, it is crucial that you use the right services to ensure your email is working, and keeping you safe.


Step 1: Use a hosted email account:
It is always best practice as a business to use a hosted email account. A hosted email account will use your website domain instead of the @gmail.com domain. Here’s an example. At GVS IT Services, we use a hosted email service. When you email us, you email [email protected], instead of [email protected] This provides clarity to your clients that the email is coming from you, because only you can send from that type of email. Anyone can make a gmail account and pretend to be you, so use a hosted account. That protects you and your clients from spoofing and creates a more professional atmosphere with your business.

Step 2: Add a layer of email security. Email security gets you peace of mind that when an email is delivered to your inbox it is safe for your to open. Emails get scanned for phishing content (attempts to trick you into giving out your data) and viruses prior to delivery. If an email is suspicious, it is held and can be released by an admin.

If you send sensitive information over email, another important item is email encryption. When you send an email to someone, that email goes through many steps before being delivered to the end user. That end user may also have their email compromised, or you accidentally sent the email to the wrong person entirely. An email encryption service allows you to send an email with encryption, prevent it from being intercepted or forwarded, and completely delete it in the event you sent it to the wrong person, as well as receive notifications when that person opens the email.

By registering a domain email for your business and adding email security, you ensure that you are limit the risk you take each time you open an email and communicate professionally with your clients. If you are sending sensitive information, you can also easily add email encryption for emails to safely send that information to your clients.

GVS IT Services provides all of the above services. If you are interested in learning more or getting a quote, give us a call today or send an email to [email protected] and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.